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Keepsake Box Wooden

Keepsake Box Wooden
Keepsake Box Wooden

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I adore Willow Tree figures and collect them. My only negative on these, and it’s a big one in my opinion, they don’t make enough variety of different skin and hair tones. I purchased a few different ones for my brother, new sister in law, her mother and my nephew. My sister in law is from Kazakhstan and her and her mother and my nephews hair is jet black. I hand painted every statue I purchased to match their hair and skin tone. They didn’t come close to representing them appropriately until I did this. At this point in life, I can’t actually wrap my head around how many people these statues exclude. I need to find a brand that is more representative of our differences, in a good way. Maybe I’ll just make my own.

Promised Review By Lauren A Kollmar
  • Keep your sentiments, love
  • Close to heart things in this beautiful hand carved box
  • 3”square x 2”h hand-painted resin box with bas-relief carving on lid
  • This box is great to send your true emotions, your feelings
  • Two charming little girls sitting together and talking on the lid looks great and takes your heart away
  • The original design of Artist Susan Lordi