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Kasa Smart Switch

Kasa Smart Switch
Kasa Smart Switch

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Most reviews for this listing are for the HS200 Kasa Smart Switch. This is NOT that product. This product is actually the newly released HS220 Smart Dimmer. Yes, it is a dimmer and works great with the Kasa app and Amazon Alexa. Very easy installation and setup but you must have a neutral wire at the switch location for this to work. Alexa integration is also a snap to configure. Be advised that this is only rated at 300W incandescent which is pretty low if controlling a bank of incandescent ceiling can lights. LED is a hefty 150W though. I also have a TP-Link Smart Switch (HS200) and 2 Smart Plugs (HS105) that work equally as well.

Promised Review By davige
  • Control from anywhere
  • Voice control
  • Compact design
  • Kasa scenes & schedules
  • The switch only works in one position. It’s not a rocker switch. Plus the tactile feeling is odd. It doesn’t feel like a switch when you touch it.
  • It’s “beefy”. It takes up a lot of room. So, it’s not easy to push it into the box when finished.
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