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Jurassic World Action Figures

Jurassic World Action Figures
Jurassic World Action Figures

Jurassic World Massive Biters Larger-Sized Dinosaur Action Figure, Sarcosuchus

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Jurassic World Action Figures are amazing. 2020 Mattel Jurassic World Primal Attack “Massive Biter” Sarcosuchus

Jurassic World Action Figures Sarcosuchus was a giant crocodilian from Cretaceous Africa and South America.

This is yet another species I never would have thought would make it into a Jurassic toyline, but Mattel has once more surprised fans, much to our delight!

This figure is stunning! This is one of Mattel’s most detailed figures to date. Realistic crocodilian scales cover the whole body.

The head is scaly, gnarly, and bumpy, just as it should be. The teeth are individually sculpted. The eyes and nostrils are appropriately placed. Scutes, osteoderms, and spikes run the entire length of the body. The large scales of the belly and bottom of the tail are sculpted. Even the bottoms of the feet are scaled!

My only complaint is the tongue. The tongue is simply not crocodilian. It is, however, well sculpted, and these toys are not meant to be accurate.

Coloration is excellent as well. The underside is a dark khaki color. The top is a reddish brown. Where the two colors meet is blended very naturally. The eyes are a glossy yellow with a black pupil. The tongue, jaw flaps, and upper pallet are red with a heavy gloss. The teeth are painted very well, and are an off white color.

The claws, unfortunately, are not painted. This is two large figures in a row with unpainted claws. That’s very disheartening. I hope this is not a continuing trend.

Articulations are limited to the legs. The front legs are able to rotate forward and back, and can swing outward into a full sprawl. The back legs can also move forward and back, but only slightly outward. The rest of the movement is tied to the gimmicks.

The gimmicks are similar to the other Primal Attack figures. The tail is used as a lever to control the movement of the head. The head can be twisted, as well as moved side to side.

A button on the tail activates a biting attack. It’s a fun feature, and allows for some great play scenarios!

The Mattel “Massive Biter” Sarcosuchus easily ranks as my favorite of the Primal Attack range so far. This is a massive shock! I never thought I would like a non dinosaur the most in a dinosaur based franchise, but Mattel had pulled it off!

Promised Review By PaleoCollector
  • The ultimate in dinosaur battle action
  • Primal Attack
  • Movie-inspired sculpting
  • Authentic color and realistic texture