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Instant Girls Bag Hanger Collection

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Instant Girls Bag Hanger Collection
Instant Girls Bag Hanger Collection

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Instant Girls Bag Hanger Collection, the best bag hanger for every place and for every occasion. Its circular shape and toughness is what makes it way ahead of all the others in the market. It can hook up with anything available. The hanger can hold up to 15kgs and that’s too much for a bag to have. Instant Girls Bag Hanger can be hooked up with edges, openings, Rails, ledges and that pretty much sums up all the places you can encounter. The hanger is made light weight and smooth with no sharp edges to give the customer the best experience. It has an auto hinge that makes it comfortable to with an opening large enough to bring every bag in.

  • Wide range of places and area where it works
  • Soft, beautiful and edge cutting design
  • Can hold up to 15kgs of weight
  • Choose your color for the hanger from a wide range offered