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In Ground Trampoline Kit

In Ground Trampoline Kit
In Ground Trampoline Kit

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A lot of people have posted reviews About In Ground Trampoline Kit and are upset that it comes as one piece. From looking at all of them, there is a common thread. Those that buy the “Standard” pad get one that is a single piece. Those that buy the “Premium” get a pad that is two pieces/halves, velcroed together.

(For the reviewer who called another one a liar, please see my attached photo of the pad installed on our trampoline. You can clearly see where it is partially un-velcroed… I circled it in green)

So if you want two pieces (easier to install and more sturdy as well) pay a little extra to get the premium version. That’s what we purchased and it was easy to install, didn’t require removing the net, and fit perfectly on our Skywalker 14″ trampoline.

If you opt for the Standard, that’s a great product too… just a little less sturdy and it’s a single piece. So if you have a net, you’ll have to take it down from the poles, slide the mat on & tie it down, then reattach your net. I hope this helps your decision… In my opinion, the Premium is worth the extra $5-10.

Promised Review By Big Orange Wookie
  • Avyna’s new jumping surface evacuates the air
  • Jumps the same as Avyna’s excellent “In-Ground” model
  • Avyns’s advanced FlatLevel design is the easiest
  • All Avyna trampolines carry Avyna’s Lifetime Frame warranty
  • Avyna owns its own plant and designs
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