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Impossible to open box prank

Impossible to open box prank
Impossible to open box prank

Loftus Gross Party Pooper Fake Poo Toy, Brown, 4 inches

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Impossible to open box prank The package” arrived this evening, I’d snuck into the bathroom and positioned it perfectly in drape of the seat. Unfortunately, my boyfriend did not use the bathroom immediately despite my estimations, in fact HOURS went by, and suddenly I heard a flushing.

I asked if he flushed it. He looked at me. I now know this man loves me above all things, as there was no judgement in his expression, just a solemn nod. Despite my laughter, he was still slightly shell shocked and not sure how to respond. He wasn’t sure to believe that it was plastic. “It looked so real,” he lamented with regret because now he wishes he could have kept the poo.

So far, no plumbing issues resulted in the flushing. Not sure how we’d explain that to maintenance. Summary: Don’t hesitate, gag your family and friends, but make sure they don’t flush it!!! The best $5 I’ve spent in a while.

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If you’re looking for a good prank to play on your friends or family, consider the “impossible to open box prank. This prank involves wrapping a small, seemingly insignificant item in several layers of packaging and making it appear as if it is impossible to open.

To set up the prank, first choose a small item that you think your victim will be interested in unwrapping. This could be a toy, a novelty item, or even a piece of candy. Once you have your item, wrap it in countless layers of packaging, such as bubble wrap, tape, or even multiple boxes. The key is to make it look like the item is securely and tightly sealed inside the packaging.

Next, place the “impossible to open box” in a location where your victim is likely to find it. This could be on their desk at work, in their bedroom, or even in the kitchen. Make sure to hide any evidence that you were the one who wrapped the item, so that your victim has no idea who is responsible for the prank.

When your victim discovers the “impossible to open box,” they will likely be curious and try to unwrap it. The more layers of packaging they go through, the more frustrated and determined they will become to get to the item inside. This is where the real fun of the prank begins.

As your victim struggles to open the box, you can play along by offering helpful (but ultimately useless) suggestions, such as “Maybe if you try using a knife to cut through the tape?” or “Maybe if you shake the box really hard, the item will come loose?” The more your victim tries and fails to open the box, the more amusing the prank becomes.

Eventually, your victim will likely give up in frustration, at which point you can reveal the punchline: the item inside was something small and insignificant, such as a piece of paper with a humorous message written on it. This will make the prank even funnier and more memorable.

Overall, the “impossible to open box” prank is a simple and amusing way to have a bit of fun with your friends or family. Just be prepared for some mild frustration on their part as they try to unwrap the package!

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