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Impossible Puzzles Jigsaw

Impossible Puzzles Jigsaw
Impossible Puzzles Jigsaw

Hanmadh Clear Impossible Round Jigsaw Puzzle - Color Changing Monochrome Transparent Blank Acrylic 100 Pieces Adult Puzzle Without Picture - DIY Home Decor Art Piece

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Impossible Puzzles Jigsaw was one of the best puzzles I have ever done!! Yes, it was a challenge but I love that…pieces are transparent like holographic; no way to tell front or back; but it was captivating…but you need patience…my daughter did it for awhile but her patience wore thin but I absolutely loved it!!I

I plan to frame the color changing effect different lighting has on it! I actually want to get a 200 piece one!! This one at a100 pieces took a total of about 4-5 hours…

if you love a challenge this is for you!! It was alot of fun and held my attention…when I was away for awhile I couldn’t wait to get back to it…was a little sad when it was done! That’s why the need for a bigger one!! Would definitely recommend! Pieces are like an acrylic…and color changing…so cool! 5+☆s

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  • Give Yourself a Challenge
  • Mesmerizing Holographic Puzzle
  • Long-lasting & Waterproof