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iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit 

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit 
iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit 

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit - Electronics, Smartphone, Computer & Tablet Repair Kit

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iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is very nice product. Having been through the tool kit mill, buying all manner of less expensive things from the likes of Draper, Rolson and, in the case of emergency repairs, the pound shop I decided to splash out on this kit from IFIXIT. Let’s start off by saying I am glad I did, you have all manner of normal and abnormal sized bits that grip securely in to the tool handle with a strong magnet with no worry about them falling out in to or on to the device you are repairing.

I found no issues with opening and dismantling an iPhone 7 or an HTC android phone and removing the cooler from a GTX 1080Ti to replace the TIM. All the tools you could realistically need are there including pry tools, several spudgers, tweezers and a suction cup. You even get an antistatic wristband which is a welcome addition that is often left out of repair kits.

Also worthy of mention is the way the tools are clearly laid out in a high-quality folding pouch that is securely fastened with a strong Velcro style strip. The screwdriver bit lid is held on with four strong magnets that negate the need for clips or hinges that will break because they always do, enabling the lid to double up as a screw sorter, that design is a genius idea.

I can highly recommend this kit for all levels of repair from the home hobby to a repair shop. It isn’t cheap, but you are paying for quality as well as intelligent design, in fact after I finish this review I am ordering a second kit to keep in my carry around tool kit. One final point I like about this tool system is the fact that, as and when you need parts because things will wear out or break, you can order top up parts and not have to buy the whole thing again.

Good job IFIXIT, I will be looking in to buying more of your products for the workshop in the very near future.

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