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Identity Theft Protection Stamp

Identity Theft Protection Stamp
Identity Theft Protection Stamp

Miseyo Wide Identity Theft Protection Roller Stamp Set - Yellow (3 Refill Ink Included)

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Identity Theft Protection Stamp is very nice product. This is my first roller but I read around the topic and had recommendations. it works well with one roll, and if needed more than one pass over the same text.

I like that I no longer have to spend ages cutting out sections or having to shred entire pages which cannot be recycled.

As mentioned glossy paper does not hide well but nor does glossy text on normal paper (usually bold/thick laser ink, like headings, your name on bank accounts etc).

The few I’ve had like this so far didn’t bother me as the actual text (e.g. “Bank Statement”) wasn’t personal or a few extra passes was enough (I don’t have Mi5 rifling through my bins!)

If in doubt, shred/destroy that part of page/page as usual.

Overall I like this – not had to refill yet but sure it will be fine.. good price, works well, wide enough (but not too wide) and I can control how much I use (I only apply exactly where needed and as much as needed).

Promised Review by DarkHorseDre
  • Great Alternative to A Shredder
  • Wide Coverage and Adjustable Length
  • Good Time Saver
  • Unique design for Privacy Protection