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Hydration Bladder

Hydration Bladder
Hydration Bladder

Source Hydration Bladder WLPS Low Profile - 3 Liter (100oz) Water Bladder with High Flow Storm Valve - Featuring All Hydration Technology Advantages

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Hydration Bladder are lots of options for backpack style water reservoirs, and I’ve used a lot of them.

The Source Hydration is my favorite. The reservoir is easy to fill and clean. I can easily fill it with ice, for long summer events.

They use some sort of magic plastic or process that keeps water fresh for extended periods of time. I’ve even accidentally left one about half full when placed into storage.

When I pulled it out, I figured the microbes would have had a party and stunk up the reservoir. Not so. The water was fresh as the day it went in! I really only wash it when I’ve used electrolyte tablets in it and want to clear the taste out afterwards.

The modular connector system they use gives one a nice range of options for reservoir capacity and features, hose length, bite valve style etc. It also makes it very easy to fill, even when the hose is routed through your kit/ruck.

Simply disconnect the hose, remove the reservoir, fill it, replace it in your kit and reconnect the hose. I only wish the reservoir was tougher. I fell on my ruck during an endurance event and put a hole in the reservoir.

Even though it was clearly my fault, Source replaced it, free, and shipped it express from Israel.

Promised Review By Faramir66103
  • Push-pull operation- no biting required
  • User-friendly Widepac slide closure allows easy filling, cleaning
  • The leak-proof closure seals airtight.
  • Glass-Like and Grunge Guard
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