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Huion Drawing Tablet

Huion Drawing Tablet
Huion Drawing Tablet

Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit

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I bought this Huion Drawing Tablet for myself because I’m a casual and beginner Photoshop user who likes making clothing graphics on Roblox. I needed to be able to make smoother lines, and this had decent reviews, so I thought I’d give it a try.

When you pop in the CD and choose which OS you have, it opens the drivers window, you simply have to choose which tablet you have out of the list of drivers. This initiates the software install. If you have zero computer skills, this might seem a little confusing, since install doesn’t happen automatically, and plugging in the tablet to the computer doesn’t cause it to recognize which tablet model it is.

This tablet is AMAZING for the price I paid. I can not believe everything it does. It has three buttons along the side and the can be used to change controls inside the graphics program I’m using.

The pen also changes the brushes I’m using with the buttons near the tip. The strokes are smooth, draws gorgeous curves, and it does pressure changes so beautifully. It was truly stunning to see so much come out of such an inexpensive tablet.

You can change pressure sensitivity, and screen size in the setting to match your display, so I had no difficulty drawing in Photoshop despite the small size of the drawing tablet.

I really love this thing. It is perfect for someone who is just starting out, or is very casual and does not do a lot with graphics and want something to use intermittently.

The tablet came with replaceable tips and cleaning supplies, as well s a protective sleeve for the tablet. The pen came with a battery and replaceable tips. I am extremely pleased with this purchase, and glad there was an inexpensive option out for beginner-lever in graphics programs use. UPTED:

7/1/17 Just bought a second one for my mother, who is an artist and who has never done digital drawing before. She had previously bought another brand and spent $100 on it, and said it was awful and was really disappointed.

I recommended Huion to her then just bought her this same one. She couldn’t believe how amazing it was. She’s in love! She uses it in Adobe Illustrator and is really addicted. I will continue to recommend this to people.

Promised Review By R. D.
  • Compatible with Corel Painter
  • Function as the cursor and the board as the screen
  • Pen scrolling
  • Three express keys
  • USB interface
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