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Honeywell Air Conditioner

Honeywell Air Conditioner
Honeywell Air Conditioner

Honeywell (Black/Silver, MN14CHCS MN Series Portable Air Conditioner with Heater, Dehumidifier, and Remote Control for a Room up to 700 Sq. Ft

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Honeywell Air Conditioner so amazing. After contacting Amazon on 5-7-20 I was told a replacement unit would be shipped on May 31 to arrive beginning of June. To my surprise the unit was actually shipped the next day & I received it on May 14th.

It has once again been very hot & humid here but the new unit works perfectly. After about 1 week of use I drained the unit of about 2oz of water proving the evaporation system is working as it should. I would add another star or 2 to the rating if I could because I am pleased beyond expectation with the A/C’s performance and service provided. (I did purchase Asurion extended protection with the original unit and the plan was transferred to the new unit with no difficulty at all.)

Original review : I live in California & purchased this unit about 1 week ago. We have had unseasonably high temps (94-99) with high humidity for several days during that time. The AC works far better than the Wynter I purchased 2 years back and I am extremely pleased with how efficiently it cools.

I am concerned because even on days the humidity has been reasonably low the unit needs to be drained after about 20 – 30 minutes of use in AC mode. I am uncertain if this is characteristic of this unit or if the auto-evaporation feature is defective. It seems excessive to drain so often (none of my previous units required this action). At this point I intend to contact the manufacturer and will update this review as new information becomes available.

UPDATE : I contacted Honeywell & they informed me that even days with extreme humidity the unit should not need to be drained more than once per day. A replacement will be provided and was shipped shortly after alerting Amazon to the issue.

This review will be updated again after the new unit is received and tested. Customer service was outstanding so far by both Honeywell and Amazon and there has been no difficulty contacting either.

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  • Safe & dependable cools rooms
  • Vertically or Horizontally
  • A Washable Dual Filtration system protects & extends the life of the AC
  • While thermal overload protection on the compressor and motor
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