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Honeywell Air Cleaner

$199.99 $239.99
Honeywell Air Cleaner
Honeywell Air Cleaner
$199.99 $239.99

Honeywell HFD320 AirGenius 5 Air Cleaner/Odor Reducer, Black

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Honeywell Air Cleaner is wonderful!! My old air purifier died in the middle of the summer, and I kind of forgot about it for 5 months. After constantly running my machine for over 5 years, I didn’t realize how much I needed it, but took it for granted!!!

I considered buying a same brand replacement, but it was expensive, and 2 of the filters and the UV bulb required replacement parts – also expensive. Just cleaning my old purifier was a bit of a job.

When my breathing, sneezing, and quality of sleep got to a certain point, I knew I needed a new purifier!!

My number one requirement was a permanent filter. I spent over a month shopping around, comparing reviews, and ease of use. I kept coming back to the Honeywell AirGenius. I was flip-flopping between the 5 and previous models. The AirGenius5 met all my requirements, and the price was very reasonable!

This product has 5 levels of purification. When I first got it, I ran it on the top speed (5) for about 2 months. After just a week I noticed that my breathing was so much better!!!

Unlike my previous purifier, the air on this product blows out of the front. Since I was still using fans, it actually helped in cooling and circulating my air. I also ran it on the oscillating feature. After a week or so, I noticed a bit of a noise, and let it sit in the still position. The noise went away and I was able to oscillate again. Anything you keep moving for a long period of time is going to get a noise… so I suggest only oscillating from time to time, if/when needed.

There’s a quick setup ATTACHED to the unit that you can pull out from the indented handle in the back, just in case you need a refresher.

The top is a touch-screen! Only the power button requires actual (minimal) force. There’s a filter status, letting you know when it needs cleaning, and a timer!! There’s also the option for ambient light located at the bottom of the unit. All the lights are LED blue, so they are bright. Most people I know like this. In my bedroom, I like absolute dark, so I just cover the top with a folded cloth. In my living room, I found I enjoyed having the bit of light, as it wasn’t too bright, but it allowed me to navigate without having to turn on any overhead lights in the middle of the night.

I’ve seen reviews that say that this is loud, but I have to disagree! It’s quieter than my quietest fan… it just makes a “moving air” noise at the highest level – it recommends the middle level for sleep.

The last thing I love about this, is the ENERGY STAR rating!! My electricity bill is amazingly lower than it was with my last air purifier! I live in the NE, so I use a lot of electricity in Summer, and our 6 month long Winter…

I’m seriously considering buying a second unit to leave in my living room, and the 2 would completely cover my 1 bedroom apartment.

I highly recommend this unit to anyone with allergies!

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