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Homemade Rubber Band Gun

Homemade Rubber Band Gun
Homemade Rubber Band Gun

Firesofheaven Black Rubber Band Gun Mini Metal Folding 6-Shot with Keychain for Shooting Game Outdoor Activities Brain Teaser for Adults and Kids

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Homemade Rubber Band Gun is very nice product. I got my wife this because she loves miniature things in general, but the fact that it is a toy gun as well….oh man she has been in heaven. It actually shoots very well every single time.

The only thing I would suggest is going to your local store and getting the small rubber bands out of the health and beauty section. Because the rubberband is smaller and built to stand tough, they make some really good distance. I would definitely purchase another one if something happens to the one she currently has!!!

Promised Review by Rae
  • Rubber Band Gun Same as mini crossbow is a fun toy to play together with family and kids
  • Rubberband gun weight 107g, 0.24 Lbs, dimensions after opening: 70x40x18 mm, or 2.75×1.57×0.7″
  • Rubber band guns are different from other wooden Rubber Band Gun or wooden gun