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Holographic Powder For Nails

Holographic Powder For Nails
Holographic Powder For Nails

Nail Powder WENIDA 8 Jar Holographic Chameleon Chrome Mirror Laser Synthetic Resin Pigment with 8 False Nails and Silicone Nail Brush for Manicure Decoration

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Holographic Powder For Nails is very unique product. OK so this chrome powder is absolutely gorgeous! However I do not like using the eyeshadow applicators. They take too long to apply the powder, rip and start falling apart before you are done two nails… I find they just aren’t the way to go (at least for me).

Here’s a tip that I accidentally stumbled across though, use your FINGERTIP! Oh my gosh I literally only took three seconds to cover an entire nail when I dipped my finger tip in the jar and applied it that way. Not sure why it works better, maybe the heat of your skin?

Well it definitely cut my time to almost nothing compared to sitting forever and rubbing my nails almost to a point that they felt raw with those eyeshadow applicators. That was honestly my only gripe and I managed to solve that. Obviously it is very messy so prepare your work space accordingly.

You’ll have to forgive all my boo-boos that are obvious in the photos… I do not claim to be a professional in anyway. I do this for the fun thank you very much.

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