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High Frequency Machine For Face

High Frequency Machine For Face
High Frequency Machine For Face

NuDerma Clinical Skin Therapy Wand - Portable High Frequency Skin Therapy Machine w 6 FUSION Neon + Argon Wands – Anti Aging - Blemish & Spot Control - Skin Tightening & Radiance - Wrinkle Reducing

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 High Frequency Machine For Face is very nice product. I love the new clinical Pure Daily Care NuDerma high frequency device! ! I am obsessed with all things and skincare and if I could only take one at home skincare device to a deserted island it would be this! This is truly a holy grail product and REVOLUTIONARY quite frankly.

All the other high frequency devices are either Argon only, Neon only, or include wants with Argon and wands with Neon. This is the first one I’ve seen that has BOTH! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? Each electrode has a combo of gases to fight acne and anti-aging. After using this just two times, I can already see a difference i my skin.

My skincare products penetrate better, my skin feels tighter, and the 3 stubborn zits are still there, but are well on their to healing. My esthetician also uses a high frequency wand when I get my monthly facial, but now I can give myself a brief daily treatment. There is also a dial on the bottom with 1-5 so you can select how intense you want it.

You can hear a buzzing, but it doesn’t hurt at all! This is very reasonably priced 2 for 1 device. Instead of targeting acne in one treatment and anti-aging in another, you can just do both at the same time to shave minutes off your treatment.

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  • Breakthrough Fusion Applicators
  • Instant Skin Radiance
  • Better Absorption of Your Beauty Serums and Creams
  • Specialized Applicators for Total Body Sessions