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Hidden Camera Detector Device

Hidden Camera Detector Device
Hidden Camera Detector Device

Hidden Camera Detector - Anti Spy Finder Large Infrared Viewer and 12 Super Bright Red LEDs. Travel Size Pro Security and Privacy for AirBnB, Hotels, Bathrooms. Search quickly & easily with both eyes.

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Hidden Camera Detector Device is very nice product. The detector comes in a nice black box with no labeling which can be used as a carrying case, although that makes it nearly twice as bulky as without the box. It includes an 8cm (not including connectors) USB to micro-USB charging cable. The viewfinder is 2.7cm x 6.5cm. The whole unit is 4.2 x 10.1 x 1.8 cm. It has a wrist strap and is comfortable to hold and operate with the convenient mode/power button either left or right-handed.

The mode/power button cycles between rapid flash, slow flash, solid on, and off. The included instruction sheet recommends (via picture) to operate it by holding the viewfinder close to your eye with the 12 LEDs pointed away from you. Further it recommends that you scan the entire room from a distance of 4-5 ft, with all other lights off, if possible.

In my tests, I found that reflections of the LED light and sometimes the entire LED pattern become quite obvious when viewing nearly anything reflective. In particular glass, chrome and LEDs such as those often exposed in TV remote controls. That’s good because camera lenses are often made of glass, and IR LEDs similar to those in TV remotes often accompany hidden cameras for the purpose of night-vision. So it can definitely make hidden cameras more obvious. Unfortunately it also makes a lot of other shiny things more obvious, so you still have to pay attention to all the detail in a scene to discern whether there’s a camera lens somewhere in all the other reflections.

Even more unfortunately, I found when tested with actual cameras, the lenses were not obvious unless looking nearly straight into them. I was able to get a good reflection from a 150 degree FOV lens from about 3ft at nearly a 10 degree offset, but it was tinier than a pin prick, and easy to miss if scanning rapidly.

I found that other typical overhead lights and monitor glow in the room made no significant difference in scanning effectiveness. This may be a benefit to using red LEDs and a red viewfinder. Other than that, I’m not sure what benefit there is to the red light.

It’s clear this thing is useful for detecting hidden cameras, but as far as I can tell, most of the benefit is in illuminating shadowy areas, and forcing you to search the room systematically. I believe the savvy among us could do the same with a flashlight of nearly any color. Do keep in mind though, that I have very little experience using the detector so far. I don’t regret my purchase and I will continue experimenting to see if I can learn to detect hidden cameras with it more easily.

As compared with the other detectors with smaller viewfinders and fewer LEDs. I don’t have any to compare with, but it seems obvious to me that this one is much easier to use for people wearing glasses. More LEDs almost certainly means more light, which seems intuitively better, improving the chance of a good reflection, and these 12 LEDs are very bright.

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