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Hexbug Spider Remote Control

Hexbug Spider Remote Control
Hexbug Spider Remote Control

Hexbug Spider, Random Color , Orange

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Hexbug Spider Remote Control is a very nice product. As always, I was surprised to see the price of this toy at amazon. It was twice cheaper than in any retail store I’ve tried. I’ve decided to try Amazon, because a year before I bought Hexbug Nano Habitat Set from them too (also twice cheaper than any retail store in Seattle)

It was a present for my cousin, who is 10 years. Here is why these both items are great—he and few other kids were playing with them for the whole day. It evolves dropping them, fighting for them and trying to tear them apart 🙂 I thought it is going to take them five minutes to destroy those toys, but I was wrong. Also, one small battery is enough to run it for few days.

I visited my cousin this year and surprisingly saw these toys are in a pleasant condition and still working!

So, I will recommend this toy not just as a short-term souvenir, but as an everyday toy 🙂

Promised Review by Drap
  • 2-channel IR remote control
  • 360 degree rotating head
  • Crawls in any direction
  • Batteries included
  • Fits in your hand
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