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Hexbug Aquabot Fish

Hexbug Aquabot Fish
Hexbug Aquabot Fish

HEXBUG AquaBot 2.0 with Deco Single Pack

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Hexbug Aquabot Fish is very nice product. No spare batteries as advertised… but this review is for the Aquabot itself. I Have a couple of kittens we raised from when they were 5 days old and their feral mother was hit by a car.

They never learned to drink right… always preferring a dripping faucet to a bowl of water. Then I got this ginormous stainless steel water bowl, filled it with some ice cubes, and they would try to paw the ice out of the bowl and lick their wet paws on hot days. So I bought this as another way to encourage this behavior on, and WOW. They get right into the bowl with both front feet and start fishing.

The variable movements and a bit of weight makes it challenging for them to lift it out of the bowl and when they do, if flaps dramatically for a bit, then ‘dies.’ A little praise… plop it back in the bowl… rinse; repeat. I’m glad I took a chance on these. The batteries don’t last that long, but replacements are inexpensive.

Promised Review by snailmartyr
  • Colorful, tropical robotic fish styled with life-like markings!
  • Packed with smart fish technology including an inner LED glow!
  • Tap on Tank wake me sensor!
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns
  • 2 button cell batteries included
  • 2 bonus batteries included
  • Ages 3 years and up
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