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Hello Kitty Bic Lighter

Hello Kitty Bic Lighter
Hello Kitty Bic Lighter

Sipoe Lighter, Electric Arc Lighter Windproof Lighter Plasma Lighter - USB Rechargeable, Upgraded Battery Indicator - Multichrome

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Hello Kitty Bic Lighter is very nice product. You absolutely can not go wrong with this. I purchased this about 7 or 8 months ago. It was quick to charge (2hrs) and the battery life lasted several days. I tend to go through 1 pack of cigarettes every 3-4 days or longer. Usually if I am around friends who smoke or get bored. I should obviously find a healthier habit considering I am the the only member of my household who smokes and I tend to sneak around even though I am a grown married mother. That’s besides the point, sorry!

This lighter lasted quite awhile but within the past month I have noticed that it would not fully charge no matter how long I kept it plugged in for.

The it quit charging at all. I contacted customer support via email on a Sunday to inquire about perhaps needing a new battery and within hours of sending the email I received a notification email back from a gentleman named Steve stating they refunded my money because it comes with an 18 month warranty. Sure enough I checked my bank acct app and there it was. Refunded the entire purchase amount on a Sunday nonetheless after 7 months of use.

I was not expecting that at all. With that being said there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for you to not go ahead and purchase this if you’re interested. Seriously you have absolutely nothing to lose.

This is true customer service, I was planning on purchasing another one before the refund even though it broke because it really was a nice lighter seeing as they refunded me I will buy two now and give one away.

Promised Review by Jen
  • Unique and fashionable, portable and rechargeable electric lighter
  • New Plasma Technology
  • Built-in high quality battery lasts over 600 charges