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Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

Heavy Duty Jumper Cables
Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

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Heavy Duty Jumper Cables are very substantial battery jumper cables weighing in at over 10 lbs. I’m pleased with the pliable cable & clamp insulation as well as the flexibility of the 0.53″ diameter insulated copper-clad aluminum (CCA) conductors. The pliability of the clamp insulation does allow it to separate from the all-metal clamp jaws so I elected to use a tie-wrap around each jaw to keep the insulation in place over the metal jaws, to maintain the intended shorting protection, and still allow proper battery terminal connection. The clamp spring provides excellent clamping power and it requires nearly 20 pounds of force to be applied to the ends of the clamp handles to spread the jaws for application to a battery terminal. It was a nice bonus to have a brass bristle brush and safety goggles included as cleaning terminal corrosion is typically required for Battery related problems. The ‘Cheese-Cloth’ bag included tore right away. I’m very happy with the quality of these jumper cables. This was purchased as a Lightning Deal and is an excellent gift for my Son-in-Law…

Promised Review By A. M. Hood
  • The NoOne booster cable has four giant alligator clamps with strong jagged teeth and springs for excellent grip force
  • Extra long 25 Feet booster jumper cables allows you to access from various locations around the car,
  • The NoOne booster cable surface is made with premium PVC which is resistant to freezing, cracking & folding and won’t tangle
  • The NoOne quality will give you complete peace of mind about your purchase.
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