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HD Webcam

HD Webcam
HD Webcam

Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam for Video Conferencing, Recording, and Streaming - Black

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Recently buying HD Webcam and installing ALL the necessary updates and software, I do want to admit that it’s a REALLY good 4K camera. I won’t be using the 4K, I only wanted it for the 1080p 60fps aspect of the camera AND also how largely view-able the camera angle is. It’s a very very beautiful camera to use and record with once you fix the settings to how you’d like them. I have a bit of criticism about it non-the-less.

(By the way I run Windows 10 Home edition if that information is needed for you)

– Camera is simple to install and uses a durable USB type C to USB 3.0 cord (which gives it the power and transfer speed to make a webcam record at 4k 30fps or 1080p at 60fps).

– You MUST have a USB 3.0 port on your computer in order to use the 4k features since a lot of people seem to not understand how it works (and yes it’s compatible with USB 2.0 ports but everything is backwards compatible, you just won’t be able to use all of it’s power).

– The software is a little wonky, and I’ll add that part in the CONS section, but it’s simple to use, easy to tinker settings, and having low light compensation lowers your fps rate so leave that UNCHECKED for full 60fps.

– Comes with a nice cover clip to attach on top to close the camera for privacy just in case you’re not using it.

– Plug and play, easy to use, has a nice weight to give it a premium feel and look.

(Go to their website to use software settings to customize the camera to your liking.)

– The arm is garbo. Sorry but holy cow it annoys me. I’m sure the arm stand on it works for most people with thick edged laptops or monitors, but for me personally having border-less/edge-less monitors, it’s super wobbly and it’s very difficult to secure on flat monitors. For thicker monitors, MAYBE it’ll be better but I have thin monitors so it wobbles like crazy when trying to adjust or close the cover clip.

– The arm also has a little notch poking a little onto the screen if you have a thin and border-less/edge-less monitor like I do. It’s not a HUGE bother unlike the iPhoneX having a notch, but it’s definitely noticeable and a little bit annoying. Again, it’s not huge or really covering much, but definitely noticeable and eye catching from time to time.

– The software, again, is simple and easy to use and adjust but horribly cheap looking and a little too simplistic. It’s just a tiny square box with sliders and that’s really it. I’m not complaining, but it just looks like a software program from Windows XP.

– Finding and installing the crop out background feature thing is not worth it. UNLESS you have great studio 3 point perspective lighting then sure it’ll work fantastically for you, but at that point, you might as well go with a green screen. You need lots of distance behind your chair and you can’t have stuff behind you; it needs to be a plain wall or long room and your body/clothes needs to be a different color than the background for it to detect you properly. For me, again, it was awful at performance since I don’t have 3 giant lights to be at my left, right, and behind me to give myself a glowing edge so the camera can actually see me. (If you don’t know what 3-point perspective lighting is, look it up. That’s how movies do their magic trick to make movies look beautiful and clean)


Great camera for being simple to plug and play, use a USB 3.0 to USB type C, durable thick cable, 1080p 60fps or 4k 30fps ready to go, fantastic to stream with or record with, and is amazing at face tracking for Face Rig or if you want to be an animated character on twitch livestreams or something. Great camera for a decent price and comes in a cute little tiny box lol. They don’t really tell you how to remove the arm from the camera, but you pull it off, you DO NOT twist is. PLEASE DON’T TWIST IT OFF or you’ll break it. Pull it straight down, that’s it. The only things that are garbo about the camera is the simple and ugly looking software, how difficult it was to find and install the crop out background feature AND also how not good it is, and if you have thin/border-less/edge-less monitors it can be wobbly and a little distracting.

Edit: After only a year the camera begins to flicker and act up like crazy. Kind of disappointing it’s dying after only a year

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  • Spectacular video quality
  • Look great in any light
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  • Enterprise ready
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