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Harry Potter Marauders Map Puzzle

Harry Potter Marauders Map Puzzle
Harry Potter Marauders Map Puzzle

The Noble Collection Harry Potter Marauder's Map Puzzle

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Harry Potter Marauders Map Puzzle is very nice product. I read the reviews, I saw all the pain and suffering that you have all been through, and I went and bought this anyways. I’m 5 days into the puzzle, and so far I have 3/4 of the edges done (Bottom and both sides) and the Castle and Writing at the top in the middle.

This is a puzzle that is better off done by starting in the middle and working your way outwards I’ve come to realize thus far. It also helps to break it down into sections (i.e. as I did with the castle and the top writing.) I’m not working on the crosses middle right and then I’m going to work on the lower middle group of letters. (Still need to invest in a magnifying glass)

Be forewarned, this isn’t your typical puzzle. There are only 2 cuts of pieces and as stated multiple times by other reviewers, many of them fit where they don’t belong. It has been frustrating, I’ve felt as though my eyes want to bleed, I’m sure my vision has gotten worse, and I very well may turn into an alcoholic by the time this is complete.

10/10 would recommend, I’m gluing this bad boy together once it’s done though so I don’t have to put myself and my wife through this sort of misery again.

Promised Review by Steven A.
  • Officially authorized by Warner Brothers.
  • Premium quality oversized, 1000 piece puzzle.
  • Measures 35 x 13 inches when assembled.