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Harness For Dog In Car

Harness For Dog In Car
Harness For Dog In Car

WALKTOFINE Dog Harness No Pull Reflective, Comfortable Harness with Handle,Fully Adjustable Pet Leash Vest for Small Medium Large Dog Breed Car Seat Harness

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I loved this Harness For Dog In Car. It’s a quality harness and constructed extremely well (and you can’t beat the price). Unfortunately, the chest plate is just too wide for my dog and because it’s a thick material with a good amount of padding, it will chafe my dogs legs raw.

I also loved how it had longer padding that went around the neck and chest area but I wish the seller would have added the width of the chest plate for each size, especially the area where it hits from the bottom of the neck to between the front legs (where it starts to wrap underneath the chest). I tried to contact the seller to ask for the width of the chest plate between the xl and the large but they never responded. Therefore, I will be returning this and have cancelled my order for the large size (I wanted to see if there was a difference in width between the two sizes but seller never answered my question and I’m in a bit of a time crunch as I need a harness by the end of this week as my dog has outgrown hers… she hates walking on a leash that’s attached to her collar).

For reference: I did purchase an XL for my 48 pound belgian malinois runt because I wanted the padding to cover her entire neck and chest as to not have any straps touching her body (she’s 10 years old and I wanted the extra comfort of the padding to go all around for her). I figured with the extra few inches between the size L and XL, the XL would completely allow the padding to go all the way around (it didn’t in the chest area though as I had 3 inches of strap showing on each side when buckling they chest area to fit her properly).

She is an odd size.. her neck is 17.5 but her chest is a 28 (she’s got a somewhat longer chest and has gotten a bit wider… too many doggie snacks!). However, she is only 3 inches in width between where her front legs start (right below where her chest ends and front legs begin). Had the chest plate been narrower (as it should always be narrower than the width between a dogs legs for comfort and to not chafe), I would’ve kept this because it’s a perfect harness otherwise.

So, if your dog isn’t an oddball like mine, I highly recommend this harness because the quality is remarkable… feels better than any other harness I have purchased. If your dog does not like to have things go over the head like mine (that was another issue with this besides the chest plate width), then I suggest you skip this and look for a step in harness instead.

Oh and btw, if you are wondering what the width of the chest plate is right below the neck, it is a little over 3 inches. Once you hit the opening of the front legs, it is exactly 3 inches. If your dog is 3 inches or less between the front legs, this harness is not for your dog because it will cause friction while walking and will rub your dogs skin raw… unless your dog has an extremely thick and long coat (which definitely helps to not chafe the skin when walking him/her).

5 stars for the quality in craftsmanship

-1 stars for customer service

Promised Review By Mary Cain
  • Extended Design
  • Sturdy Nylon Webbing
  • 2 Metal Leash Attachment Points
  • Such As Anatolian Shepherd
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