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Harbor Freight Led Work Light

Harbor Freight Led Work Light
Harbor Freight Led Work Light

WARSUN Led Work Lights Rechargeable Magnetic Mechanic Light Portable Worklight for Camping Car Repairing 30w 1200 High Lumens Bright Yellow

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Harbor Freight Led Work Light is very nice product. Any mechanic knows those little lights they sell from Snap-On that are 80$ and are supposedly the best you can get. I’m here to tell you these are better. Why? Let’s go over a few things, starting with light output.

These are incredibly bright, they can light pitch black areas with ease and they have an incredible battery life. I opened mine up to find it had two 18650 cells in parallel, each were 2000 mAh. So it has a true 4000mAh capacity. That’s more juice than most phone batteries on the market. As for how long it lasts, I had it on high for over 4 hours with no issues, and it charged right back up in a few hours.

Now, as for use. As a mechanic I can certainly say that this is invaluable. It makes working on anything look like it’s in full daylight if it’s within 10 feet of it, which is incredible for any job. Also, it fits in the palm of your hand and has a very strong magnet on the back which again, is great. As for durability, it’s great because it has shock absorbing rubber surrounding the sides and the edges. It also uses a metal hook instead of a plastic one like most of these cheap lights, so that’s not going to break easily.

Also, one last thing. If the lithium cells in these ever go bad, you can simply order any 4000mAh cell that will fit into the case, and just throw it right in. It charges the batteries using a simple positive and negative wire with no balanced charging (because they are in parallel) so any battery, maybe even a bigger one, would work!

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  • Super Bright COB Light:30W max
  • 3 Modes Function
  • Hook And Magnet
  • Portability Make Wild Applications