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Handlebar Grips Bicycle

Handlebar Grips Bicycle
Handlebar Grips Bicycle

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Handlebar Grips Bicycle great: These were about the least expensive but still comfortable looking grips I could find on Amazon. I bought 2 pairs to replace the ones on my son’s diamondback mtb and my Trikke. I believe both have “standard” sized handlebars but these grips seem to fit a bit loose.

The grips will slide into place with no extra materials, but they were a little loose. At first I pulled them back off and squirted a little soapy water inside, let them dry in the sun for 2 days to bake off all the moisture. I went on a ride, hit a bump on my Trikke, and the grip came off in my hand (I almost did a face plant).

I pulled the other one off (somewhat easily) and cleaned both grips and the bars well with some fresh water then some alcohol to “degrease” the surfaces. I spritz some old hairspray on the bars and slid them into place. They’ve been drying for about a day but still seem a little loose. Only time will tell. If this doesn’t work I’ll wrap the bars with a few turns of electrical tape and reinstall. Hopefully that will do the trick.

Promised Review By John Ellis
  • Ergonomic comfort handlebar grips will fit any regular handlebar.
  • Soft, shock-resistance let you feel comfortable.
  • With skidproof TPR rubber grip, you will feel good after a long time riding.
  • Durable hard inner core.
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