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Hand Made Chess Sets

Hand Made Chess Sets
Hand Made Chess Sets

Handmade Chess Set European Ambassador with 21 Inch Board and Hand Carved Chess Pieces WEGIEL

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Hand Made Chess Sets is very nice product. You will see multiple listings often going around $60 which is more than a fair price, just make sure to avoid sellers trying to mark it up to $120 by calling it premium. The Ambassador set is very well made and you can see the work that has gone into each carved piece. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to play with anyone in person yet but playing around with the board and the pieces I like the size though I did underestimate just how large the set is in person.

The downsides would have to include the fact that you could still smell the stain used when you first open the set up but after sitting for awhile that dissipates. The pieces are relatively light so for some that may be a huge deal as they prefer a nice weighted set. While I wouldn’t mind them being a bit heftier they are not liable to fall over due to their size and the bases on each of the pieces being nice and wide. Overall even as massive as the board is the set is surprisingly light all packed up and folded and I believe that was intentional to make it easier to bring with you.

I like that it folds so that it is easier to store but it is so large I wouldn’t recommend using this as an on the go set. It would serve much better as a center piece with its highly decorated pieces or folded up and packed away just waiting for your next game if you dont have the space to display it. Overall I am very happy with it and cannot wait for current events to improve so that I can actually get together and play with others in person. Until then I’ll just keep admiring the chessmen and board.

Promised Review by Trenton A
  • This chess set is a “Ambassador” chess set due to its Incredible Detail Great Gift For The Holidays
  • The board is made from beech and birch wood that gives it a classic
  • Handcrafted chessmen are felt bottom and weighted