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Hand Crank Flashlight

Hand Crank Flashlight
Hand Crank Flashlight

Rechargeable Flashlight with Solar Power & Hand Crank: High Lumen LED's, Tactical Grip, Mini Keychain Carabiner for EDC & Outdoor Camping (Tactical Black)

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I knew this Hand Crank Flashlight wasn’t a powerful light when I ordered it. Wasn’t looking for power.

I was looking for a convenient light to tuck into the pocket of my overalls that would always be ready to go.

I don’t use flashlights especially often and don’t keep batteries in my large powerful light because they tend to corrode. So I have to load the batteries to use it.

This crank light will always be there when I need it, like when I’m reading the gas meter in the dark basement.

It’s not the sort of light that you would want to walk along a forest trail on a dark night, though it would work for that if you needed it to. It puts out plenty of light for indoor work.

The plastic is a hard brittle type that might crack if it falls several feet onto a concrete floor.

But lights don’t stand up well to that sort of treatment anyway. The crank runs smoothly and seems to be robust enough to last. The light is comfortable in my hand. The carbine hook seems sturdy and is likely to prove handy. I have some questions about the circuitry that charges the battery, wondering what sort of battery is in there, and if it charges in a healthy way because I’m guessing the energy storage component will prove to be the weak point. All in all, this is exactly what I expected it to be, so five stars.

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