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Hair Ties Scrunchies

$7.99 $17.99
Hair Ties Scrunchies
Hair Ties Scrunchies
$7.99 $17.99

60 Pcs Premium Velvet Hair Scrunchies Hair Bands for Women or Girls Hair Accessories with Gift Bag,Great Gift for Holiday Seasons

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Hair Ties Scrunchies is a unique product. Have you ever ordered a 36 pack of scrunchies off Amazon and wondered how many you can fit in your short, not very thick hair? I have, and the answer is ALL OF THEM.

I did not order this pack with the intention of doing this, but I had a stroke of genius when I saw my package sitting on the kitchen table. I made a pizza and put it in the oven, and got to work.

I truly did not believe I could do it, because my hair is on the thinner side. But I had a dream and I could not give up on it, like all my other dreams before. I can now say I have achieved a dream of mine: fitting all 36 scrunchies from this underpriced but high-quality package.

It only took me maybe…20 minutes? With a break to take my pizza out of the oven, of course. It was delicious, even more so with my amazing accomplishment still on my head.

But anyways, I would definitely recommend this to any scrunchie-lovers out there who also want to channel their inner Pippi Longstocking, or as my friends so lovingly put it, “Cynthia the doll from Rugrats” or “a rejected Dr. Seuss character

But seriously, these scrunchies work so great and there are so many of them for like $10. That’s like…less than a dollar per scrunchie, I think? I can’t do numbers,

I have a math learning disability. 100/10 would and am definitely recommending.

Promised Review by Maggie
  • Premium Velvet material
  • .Elastic hair bands measurement
  • Wide Application
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