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Hair Ties For Thin Hair

Hair Ties For Thin Hair
Hair Ties For Thin Hair

Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties, Coil Hair Ties, Phone Cord Hair Ties, Hair Coils - 4 Pcs, Brunette

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Hair Ties For Thin Hair is the best product . Let me start off by saying that I have very fine/thin hair. I love to wear my hair in ponytails or up off my face.

The end result can sometimes be a splitting headache and a very defined crease in my hair, depending on what type of hair tie I use.

As a result, I am that person who still purchases the scrunchies of the 80s and 90s as they don’t crease my hair that bad and are comfortable to wear.

I started to see these coil hair ties pop up all over the place and after reading reviews, decided that I had to try them. I purchased the Kitsch Spiral Hair Tie because it was a bit smaller than some of the others I had seen on the market.

I ordered the Brunette colors in a 4 pk. When they arrived, I was a little concerned because they reminded me of the old phone cords we used to have. I thought it was going to look pretty silly in my hair. When I put my hair up in a traditional ponytail I was surprised that I didn’t have to wrap it very many times and it held my hair pretty nice.

It did not pull like some of the elastics do. When I pulled out the coil later that night, it caught a little but I am finding out that the more I use them, they are easier to pull out and don’t catch.

There was a slight crease in my hair but not nearly as noticeable as the crease left by the traditional elastic ones.

I could easily wear my hair down after taking the coil out and it just looks a little more wavy than normal. I tried putting my hair up in a bun and used one of these coils – very shocked that you really can’t even see the coil that much.

It definitely looks better than my old scrunchies! Having them in the various brunette shades really helps! I would recommend these to anyone with fine/thin hair. I think if you have really thick hair you would probably want to go with a larger variety.

Promised Review By JLH
  • The brunette 4 pack is perfect the perfect set
  • Kitsch coils also look great on your wrist
  • The coils stretch to comfortably wear as a bracelet when not in use
  • so they are ready for ponytail or messy bun duty at any time.