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Hair Elastic

$4.11 $7.79
Hair Elastic
Hair Elastic
$4.11 $7.79

Goody Ouchless Women's Hair Braided Elastic Thick Tie, Black, 27 Count (Pack of 1), 4MM for Medium Hair

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Hair Elastic Wow. I lose hair ties like no one’s business. I don’t know how or why or where they go.. but that’s just that… gone.. POOF. These are a great price on amazon.

They are black so they go with everything.. They work, I use it to get my hair out of my face. I have shoulder length hair.

I don’t have issues with it damaging or being too harsh on my hair, maybe cause I don’t tie it that tightly and maybe that’s why they fall out and I lose them so often! But I digress.

The rubber band inside them can and do break with time and use, that’s OK. I can and will still use them that way too, just need to loop it around your hair more times but yeah, it is what it is. Would recommend and would repurchase.

Hair Type, Benefits and Usage

Fine/Thin Hair: The Goody 2MM elastic is great for holding finer or thinner hair types. These thinner elastics are perfect for ponytails on thinner or finer hair types and have a less visible profile. The smaller diameter means less slipping and sliding.

Medium to Thick Hair: Goody’s Forever elastics have a 16-strand inner core that allows them to retain their shape and bounce back after each use. These super stretchy elastics can wrap around even the thickest ponytails and have a bead to prevent snapping elastics!

Promised Review By Jane Smith
  • Goody Ouchless Elastics will keep you cute and comfy all day long
  • twist it or wrap it
  • Great for pulling your hair up any time of day
  • They are regular ponytail holders
  • The elastic is quite strong
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