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Grand National Horse Race Game

Grand National Horse Race Game
Grand National Horse Race Game

WE Games Grand National Horse Race Game

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A friend received this Grand National Horse Race Game for Christmas, and we had such fun when we played it. It is BEAUTIFUL and fun without being difficult. It would be a nice addition when you have people visit for food and drink and fun. I purchased this for my daughter.

We came up with a solution for the tiny horse problem. We made blocks 7/8” x 7/8” (which is the size of the squares on the board) painted them silver and black and added number decals on all four sides. This eliminated the fat finger OR tiny horse issue and made them more attractive as well (IMHO). See pictures: remember, they don’t come like this. This game is fun, fun, fun, an excellent icebreaker or party game. We enjoy it very much, as has every person or couple that have played it with us. Make the horses bigger the hasp or latch stronger and maybe put some plastic inserts in the box to securely hold the chips in place, and then it would be totally worth the price.

Promised Review By Lover of Korean dramas
  • Excellent and attractive storage box. (see cons)
  • Cards are nice and make playing the game easier than a regular deck.
  • The board itself is well made and attractive. It folds in half.
  • Chips are good and rules are clear and concise.
  • Horses are metal and actually hefty for the small size. (see Cons and pictures)
  • The horses are way too small to make it easy to pick them up and move them during play without knocking over one or two others. It is nearly impossible to read the numbers on the three horses with a yellow numbered jersey.
  • The hasp to close and secure the box is very thin and has already bent. It will eventually snap off because of the poor quality of the metal itself.
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