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Gouache Paint Set

Gouache Paint Set
Gouache Paint Set

ARTEZA Gouache Paint, Set of 60 Colors/Tubes (12 ml/0.4 US fl oz) Opaque Paints, Ideal for Canvas Painting, Watercolor Paper, Toned Paper, or Using with Watercolors and Mixed Media

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Gouache Paint Set this is a set that is truly practical for learning color and technique. It begs one to be greedy with the colors, to make mistakes, to focus not on rationing but to focus on the art itself. For anyone with a tight budget I would recommend this as a top choice for either their gouache or watercolor. As a personal note however, treat it with respect. This isn’t some knock off but an honest-to-goodness opaque gouache which means it needs a thick paper to do it justice.

Extremely affordable for the amount of paint you receive. Each ‘jelly’ cup is 30ml respectively and at least with my own set they were filled to brim. Also beneficial would be the fact that there are 2 whites and while the ad says that they are different shades I didn’t find that to be the case. Or at least they both appear to be the same shade of titanium white in my set. Others might consider this to be a con but I’m leaving this in the pro due to my own quirks. Perhaps I show my lack of skills but I find my white gouache paint always seem to be the first to go when I’m using a set!

The box, while plastic, seems very durable and the lid snaps loudly when taking it on or off. I feel very confident in moving the box around when the lid is secured. The bottom of the set reveals that each cup is nestled into it’s own container. I appreciate the manufacturer’s effort in this detail. It helps that the overall weight of the set keeps it from moving around on the desk.

I’ve had the set now for almost two weeks and keeping the lid on is more than enough to keep the paints creamy and wet while those on my ceramic palette are very easy to reactivate with water and the dried paints have little cracking. I found the colors extremely easy to mix and there to be no muddiness even when combining multiple colors. And given that they are gouache; enough water gives them the transparency of watercolors. I’ve been able to easily switch in their use just as I would with any quality gouache.

There is only a faint smell from the paints that fades with time; I found it reminded me of chalk. And while Miya has labeled it already on the product description I will still add it here given how nice it is that such an affordable set is also non-toxic.

There is a plastic palette inside which lays over all the colors. It’s a small issue but I don’t like how the colors smear on the bottom of this palette when it’s packed in as it’s been designed. I’m sure as the level of the colors go down I won’t have that issue but for now I’ve left it out and am using my own small palette.

At the time of this review there is no way of being able to purchase individual color cups on Amazon. Perhaps this will change should this set gain in popularity. I have this as a con really only because of how fairly new this set is to Amazon. Other companies have similar practices. An example is with Arteza’s Gouache Premium Artist Paints which are of similar pricing and also currently have no option in purchasing individual colors.

Aside from the non-toxic information there was little else to go by. There was no light fastness or pigment information on the paints. Personally, I don’t depend on this information but for others this may be important. Again using Arteza as an example; their gouache set at least provides light fastness on each tube.

The last con I provide simply because Miya itself describes it as being suitable for travel. Being at least 2 pounds in weight I would have to disagree. It’s perfectly acceptable for taking it from one classroom/studio setting to the next but I would not call it travel worthy. That said, I think it would be perfectly doable for colors to be scooped out and put into a more compact case if one were inclined.

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  • Portable Case with Palette for Artists
  • Gouache Opaque Watercolor Painting
  • Beautiful and practical color
  • Unique Jelly Cup Design
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