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Google Nest Smoke Detector

Google Nest Smoke Detector
Google Nest Smoke Detector

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Awesome product Google Nest Smoke Detector . Easy to set up and easy to access through the app or the Nest website.

One caveat, when I first installed, it asks you to select a language and cycles between English and Spanish. I accidentally pressed the center button on the device during “Spanish” and there was no option in the app to change the language. I had to call their tech support, which was very good. I was initially very irritated at having to call them over such a small issue that I should have been able to fix myself, but the hold time was very short, the guy was clearly based in the US, and was very helpful, walking me through a reset. The UPS guy showed up with my second Nest unit while I was on the phone, and I told the tech guy “well my second Nest just showed up so now I know what to do”, and he answered by asking me if I wanted him to stay on the phone to help get that one set up too. I was impressed. Very much opposite what tech support experiences are usually like these days.

After everything was set up, updates downloaded, etc, the option to change language was there in the app, if you’re wondering 🙂

Promised Review By Stevie
  • 1. Great tech support with native English speakers and short hold times.
  • 2. When you set up your second, third Nest smoke detectors, the unit reads your settings from the first one so you don’t have to re-enter your wifi info, etc. The app walks you through the steps and is easy to follow. They couldn’t have made it easier short of coming to your house and doing it for you.
  • 3. You don’t have to line up the base bracket perfectly when screwing it into your ceiling, since the smoke detector rotates on the base to make adjustments in being flush with your walls, etc.
  • 4. You can test the units in a minute or so on your phone’s app from anywhere….and it tests all of them sequentially. It has both an alarm and a voice, as well as a red light ring on the unit.
  • 5. Night light is pretty cool, that comes on when you walk under it in the dark.
  • 6. The Nest app shows all your Nest devices, including thermostat, etc.
  • 1. Takes 6 Lithium AA batteries (included) – though they do last a long time, like several years, replacements are somewhat expensive.
  • 2. Option was not present to change language after selecting a language during initial setup, short of a full reset.
  • 3. Resetting and then setting up again requires you to remove the unit as the QR code you need to scan with your phone is on the detector’s backside. However, it just does twist off the base.
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