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Golf Practice Putting Mats

$399 - $2289
Golf Practice Putting Mats
Golf Practice Putting Mats
$399 - $2289

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Lagging behind in golf because not being able to go to golf club every day? Golf Practice Putting Mats is the best alternate to sharpen your skills and compete at any level.  These mats can easily be placed anywhere whether it’s indoor or outdoor. They are easy to handle whiling rolling in and out. To give the perfect environment of a gold club the design of the surface is made green like. The turf is divided in to parts one being the smooth green grass whiles other is rough one allowing you to experience both.  The turf includes 4 holes to play with. It’s available in standard and XL to accommodate all kinds of clients. The turf is way of reaching the highest level of perfection in golf.  If you are looking for a professional way to train yourself in golf, Golf Practice Putting Mats provides you a realistic green environment with adequate space. Plus it comes with additional pack of high quality golf balls to enhance your experience.

Product Manufacture By FORB

  • Golf course like green environment
  • Easily to handle and work with
  • Standard and XL size to suits your needs
  • Best way to practice your skills
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