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Golf Cart Battery Charger

Golf Cart Battery Charger
Golf Cart Battery Charger

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The Golf Cart Battery Charger came on-time and works when I plug it in. This is more of a warning for customers than a review: this device does NOT support the “OBC” function in modern ClubCars. “OBC” stands for “on-board computer”. On a golf cert with OBC the 3rd wire is required in the charging cable to provide 4.4 volts of power to the golf Cart’s computer. The other two wires are power and ground. This device I’m reviewing has 3 prongs, but one of them isn’t connecting to anything. Consequently, the golf cart won’t charge

Promise Review By Jace Curtis
  • Protection of over current
  • high speed battery charging
  • Efficient&Eco-Friendly
  • Certified by CE
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