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Glitter Gel Pens

$8.49 $15.99
Glitter Gel Pens
Glitter Gel Pens
$8.49 $15.99

Glitter Gel Pens, 32-Color Neon Glitter Pens Fine Tip Art Markers Set 40% More Ink Colored Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Book, Drawing, Doodling, Scrapbook, Bullet Journal, Sparkle Gel Pen Gift for Kids

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Glitter Gel Pens these are some great gel pens. The colors are very vibrant and there are enough selections to have plenty to work with.

I really liked that there were several shades in each family to make some beautiful drawings. Especially if you expand you palate with mixed media like Fineliner, colored pencils, or acrylic pens.

They match up well with TaoTree 36 count colored Fineliners (see my review on those, also the swatch).

These pens were really easy to colorwith. No skips or pooling of the gel. They have lots of glitter 😁

They are perfect for coloring books, zentangling and for other mixed media. I have used them on top of the Fineliners to give some added oompf and also with colored pencils. Most work well over acrylic paint as well for some fun, beautiful stuff.

They don’t bleed through even cheapo computer paper.

I am a gel pen addict, and these work the best of any I have (I don’t own any Gelly Rolls) on black paper (see swatch photo). They are on the swatch in the order I rearranged them in the case.

Make sure you give the color some time to set, I don’t know why but it takes a bit for the color to brighten on the black. I found that using a colored pencil in a light shade of the color family on the black paper first made them pop. Common to black paper work, some colors just don’t stand out well, but the majority of these did. The first 3 swatches on black have no color pencil underneath…not do any that have a silver star beside them. The third and 4th color are the same but the first has no ight pink colored pencil under it and the one below it does.

What I didn’t like… the package broke on the bottom pretty quickly, but they do have a card that they clip over so at least they didn’t come spilling out the bottom.

I wish they were packaged like the TaoTree Fineliners with the case, although plastic, being durable and folding in half. I would pay an extra dollar for the convenience of that.

Also they were not arranged according to color group, but in a pattern that looks nice (a pet peeves of mine that I have found with Many manufacturers of art supplies). I like my stuff arranged according to the color wheel so it is easy to pick a light green or a blue green or a green blue. I really wish art manufacturers would do this more.

So I swatches them, arranged them according to The Wheel and put them back in the package. The attached swatch shows how I organized them.This is neither here nor there, but it is pretty much Impossible to get gel glitter marker caps, ends and grips to accuately reflect the color. Often the ink doesn’t even accurately reflect it. it is just one of those things.

As standard practice you should swatch (draw a square or rectangle and fill it with the color of each pen, pencil or marker). This shows you the true color of your media.

A trick I learned is that if colors don’t match the caps or barrels color a .25x.5″ laser or bubblejet printer lable with your media, take that lable and stick it on the cap of the pen or pencil. I find this to be exceptionally handy with gel pens.

Other than the packaging, these are great pens, especially for the price. I definently recommend them.

If you look at the image of the pens, you can see how I rearranged them. I then researched the (photo attached) in their new order.

I have a swatch of them one their own on white and on black, and also an image of them searched alongside Taotree’s 36 color Fineliners (which I love and have reviewed.).

I think these make a very good starter set and would be great as a gift.

The only real downside is that there are several companies that sell mega packs with refills. My experience with several of them is that they are not well organised (it is hard to the right refil).

I think for the price of these you are getting a good bargain. They would make a great stocking stuffer or secret santa gift. Or just use them at the office to make a full day a bit more smiley. I keep them in my bag of tricks when my Pre-K neice comes over glitter pent plus cheap computer paper=fun and laughter.

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  • Glitter Neon and Glitter
  • Smooth glitter colored pens with fine point tip
  • Vibrant Colors ink doesn’t smear, fade, or skip
  • Each Colored Pen is fitted with Comfort Grip
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