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Glasses Frames For Men

Glasses Frames For Men
Glasses Frames For Men

Amazon Essentials Unisex Blue Light & UV400 Blocking Glasses, Non Prescription

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Glasses Frames For Men is very nice product. I have only been using these glasses for a short while, but I already feel that there is a difference. My problem was looking at my phone before I go to bed. I’ve always had trouble sleeping, but it has gotten worse. I do take an over-the-counter sleep med, but it still was not working.

I was told that the blue light from my phone may be keeping me awake. So I decided for a small amount of money to try it. So far I really feel there has been a difference- I do look at my phone, But it seems like I’m able to fall asleep now. And stay asleep. So I really feel that it works. I will update if anything changes. But for now I’m happy with the product.

They are very lightweight, not my particular style if I was going to wear them outside the house, but they are still attractive. I have the clear frame.

Promised Review by Linda
  • plastic frame
  • Composite lens
  • non-polarized
  • Lens width: 20 millimeters
  • Material: TR-90 Nylon Frames, Polycarbonate Lenses coated with anti-blue light filters and anti-UV powder
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