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Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8

Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8
Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8

amFilm Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8, 7, 6S, 6 (4.7 Inch)(2 Pack) Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8 is awesome; I’m “that guy” who researches everything to the “nth degree.” Five years ago I bought my entire family our first smart phones (iPhone 5). I took the new iPhones to the closest Big Box store to purchase screen protectors. There wasn’t a great deal of choice then so I went with what the employees recommended which happened to be the most expensive screen protector–and at that time most highly rated–on the market. The employee at the said Big Box store offered free installation on all the phones. At the price they were charging I thought I’ll have somebody with lots of experience doing this make sure it is done right. My daughters’ phones were done okay, my wife’s phone was “so-so”, but my phone was done poorly. Lots of dust under the screen protector and what appeared to be two small creases. I asked the employee to do it over but he said I would have to pay for a new screen protector. None of this brand’s expensive screen protectors fared well over the years, even though we take pretty meticulous care of our things. Lots of scratches and imperfections led me to conclude that brand was not all it was cracked up to be. In fact critical testing proved the surface to be quite soft and prone to scratching. Fast forward five years later and a long overdue upgrade to two iPhone 8’s. I made the decision that I would be the one doing the screen protector installation on our two new iPhones. I’m leery of popular items that don’t cost much (cheap cost = popularity not quality), but after doing all my homework TechMatte was the clear winner hands down. I purchased three packs (a total of 6 screen protectors) to do our two iPhones figuring I would make at least two attempts per phone. I did my wife’s phone first and ended up using the second screen protector due to a small wet spot that just wouldn’t squeegee out. Another 20 minute prep session and the second attempt was spot on. Three weeks later I got my iPhone and nailed a perfect install of the protector on the first attempt. Absolute flawless finish. To me the key is to take as much time as needed to do your cleaning and prep work on the phone screen. I took a small flashlight and located every dust or speck left on the screen and kept going over it multiple times with as many of the dust removal strips it took to have a flawless surface for the application. Take at least 20 minutes–or more–to prep the screen and you’ll end up with a great finish. Just don’t rush the process. As to longevity, I’m already convinced that the TechMatte protector is much tougher than the expensive brand I used on our prior iPhones. But even if these don’t last for several years, I already have three spare screen protectors on standby I can apply if needed. As far as I’m concerned, TechMatte is the Best of the Best. Believe the hype, they’re that good! Do the installation yourself and do it right. No more Big Box stores for me.

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  • iPhone screen to prevent bubbling and peeling, due to the curved screens
  • 3D touch features Foe iPhone
  • Specifically designed For iPhone
  • Ultra-clear High Definition
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