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General Tools Contour Gauge

General Tools Contour Gauge
General Tools Contour Gauge

Saker Contour Gauge (10 Inch Lock) Profile Tool- Adjustable Lock-Precisely Copy Irregular Shape Duplicator -Irregular Welding Woodworking Tracing - Must Have Tool for DIY Handyman, Construction

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General Tools Contour Gauge is very nice product. I bought this for future DIY and art projects. Saw a video of one randomly online and it looked so cool I had to get one. My wife does lots of art and crafts and DIY and she loves tools. She and I installed vinyl plank flooring ourselves about a year ago, and one of these would have made things so much easier than making paper templates with tape.

We tested it out on a curved surface to see how it does. Never used one before, so here’s what we learned:

•You may have to manually push a few of the pins directly near the ends of the thing you are trying to replicate. So for us, we had to push the one or two pins on the very top and very bottom in order to get the most accurate shape possible

•When you trace it with a pencil, you will get a stair-step zig zag pattern at first, so you need to smooth out the lines (see photos 2 & 3)

•Don’t forget to mark the end points so you get the depth correct (we forgot to do that and cut our test paper too short; see last photo)

Last photo shows result of using this gauge to make a paper template out of cardstock paper. It got the curve pretty dead-on. We are impressed and glad we got this gadget. Also the locking mechanism works well. You have to push the pins pretty hard to get them to move if the thing is locked so this is good.

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