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Gel nail Extension Kit

Gel nail Extension Kit
Gel nail Extension Kit

Modelones Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit - 6 Colors with 48W UV/LED Light Nail Lamp Slip Solution Rhinestone Glitter All In One Kit for Nail Manicure Beginner Starter Kit DIY at Home

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Gel nail Extension Kit was my first time using polygel so it was a little hard for me to work with it, but the second time I did my nails it was so much easier. I just watched a bunch of YouTube videos and learned from there. I love that the kit comes with the lamp and basically everything else you need for it.

The lamp feels a little cheap but it gets the job done. I just cure it for 90 sec at the end to make sure all of the nails are fully dry. I tried using the slip solution but I found that 70% alcohol works better in my opinion.

I also purchased a nail dehydrator and primer from modelones so that they stay on for longer and for my nails that I didn’t mess up application on, they stayed for a good two weeks.

I did have some nails that popped off but it’s bc I put it on the cuticle by accident and it started lifting. Polygel feels really strong and it didn’t even feel like I had any nail extensions on.

I used the flatter coffin dual forms because I like the straighter look as opposed to the curved one and it worked great.

The tubes of polygel are small but it comes with 6 colors and you really don’t need a whole lot when you do your nails unless you want super long nails. I can easily do 10 more sets of nails with just the polygel I have left which is wayyy cheaper than getting my nails done at the salon.

You also don’t need an e file when using the dual forms bc it comes out super smooth but I do suggest using one around the cuticle area and underneath the nail so the polygel doesn’t start lifting.

I really recommend getting this polygel kit if you’re just getting started doing polygel nails.

It takes practice but as you do it more it looks better and is easier to work with.

Promised Review By JT
  • Make poly nail gel with the dual form
  • Decorate with nail decorations
  • The extension gel are detailed
  • Filing, buffering and cleaning
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