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Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

FLAGPOWER Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Feeling Keyboard with 4 Colors Breathing LED Backlight Mouse for PC Laptop Computer Game and Work

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I’ll be honest I bought Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo for the price because I needed a new keyboard(badly) but could not afford a new one at $50ish. Bought this one for around $18 bucks & some change + it came with a free mouse!

Well let me just say that the keyboard is indeed fine, more than fine actually – It’s a dream, although a bit smaller than my last gaming kb. My one smallish thing is I keep hitting the WIN button instead of the Ctrl button – but that’s just me.

What I like about this kb is the buttons are a tad bigger & spaced further apart (but not so much that it’s a hassle or hindrance. Being spaced apart like they are, makes it very easy for cleaning (Any gamer knows this is important!) No complaints at all so far though I only have had for a bit over a week.

MOUSE: Read a bunch of complaints about the mouse was crap or whatever, well so far so good on that. My twin 15-year-olds opened the package and they were less than gentle about it, sending the mouse flying out of the box and onto the floor(it was wrapped in a soft cushy type of vinyl) so I had my doubts. Plugged it in to my pc and it’s worked fine as well. Zero problems.

Promised Review By Tedra
  • Very little flex of the keyboard
  • Beautiful colors
  • Works well, seems durable (Time will Tell)
  • Mouse is fast and seems durable
  • Multiple function keys
  • No software required
  • Easy to Set up
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