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Gaming Headset

$29.99 $45.99
Gaming Headset
Gaming Headset
$29.99 $45.99

Combatwing Gaming Headset - PS4 Headset PC Headset Xbox One Headset with Noise Canceling Mic Gaming Headphones for PS4/Super Nintendo/Nintendo 64/Xbox One(Adapter Not Included)

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I don’t normally leave comments/thoughts about a Gaming Headset, usually just purchase and onto the next product, however, these headphones were actually solid headphones.

I just recently moved out to jersey city, and was using my brother’s PS4 prior. I had bought him the turtle beach headphones prior, so i think my comparison will be a bit different than other’s because these are the only two headphones I’ve really tried for gaming. I haven’t had the chance to use the hire (more pricier) versions of wireless because I can’t justify spending so much!

These headphones were amazing! The clarity of sound is amazing. I currently also own a set of Apple Studio headphones, and they become annoying and actually hurt my ear after wearing for about x2 hours, the combatwing headphones do not hurt at all! Feels nice, comfortable, and fluffy on the ears. I am using it to play modern warfare warzone, and I can hear every little bit movement, reload, and explosions that go off in the game. The mic is perfect and it fits perfectly right into my PS4

Best part is: THE PRICE! You can’t beat this price. I had a lot of time to search other prices of headphones, and this was actually the most perfect price I’ve found and worth every dollar I’ve spent.

Highly Recommend to purchase this headphone. Love them. I wish they did light up though, but I think they only light up if you hook up the USB portion of the headphone to a PC or maybe even hook up the USB to the PS4, I haven’t tried that out yet because i literally just played 5 games with these on. Loved them. You need comfortable headphones if you play your system for long periods of time. Love them and highly recommend them.

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