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Gamecube Controller

Gamecube Controller
Gamecube Controller

Gamecube Controller, VOYEE Wired Game Cube Gamepads 2 Pack for Nintendo Gamecube & Wii Console (Black)

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Gamecube Controller shape and size seems to be identical to genuine game cube controllers. The most notable differences are that these feel much lighter weight, the A button has way more travel and is louder, and the z button makes a clicking sound.

I bought 4 of these controllers and after 3 weeks of use none have any drifting. They’ve been used for casual smash. The one that gets used the most has almost no texture on the control stick and the stick is slightly loose, but just a bit. 2 of the controllers have no clicking feel when the left trigger is pushed all the way down, but they still register a click in the game. The right triggers work perfect on all 4.

One small issue with all 4 controllers is that the main control stick sensitivity is not symmetrical on the X axis: when moving left it’s nice and linear, but as you move the stick right it registers less movement then suddenly spikes to full range with just a bit more movement. This is with the registered stick movement, not the feel of the stick itself. The feel is smooth in all directions. This is hardly noticeable in actual games.

For the price they are good, but you will definitely notice the difference between a genuine controller and these.

Promised Review By Lauren
  • Enhanced analog joysticks
  • Pressure-sensitive buttons
  • Such as Melee and any Smash games
  • More comfortable experience
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