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Full Size Mechanical Keyboard

$99 $100
Full Size Mechanical Keyboard
Full Size Mechanical Keyboard
$99 $100

SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Per-Key RGB Illumination – Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame – OLED Smart Display (Hybrid Blue Switch)

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Full Size Mechanical Keyboard is a very nice product. I have owned a Steel series keyboard in the past and was greatly disappointed with the switches it used. I had a m750 with the qx2 switches, and they just felt off to me. Not really sure how to explain, but they just felt off. I’m not generally a fan of linear switches (as a gamer, blasphemy I know) as I tend to have a heavy hand and accidentally hold shift or CTRL by accident, which messes up my movement and gets me killed.

Not only that, but I feel I mess up more when typing essays for college and have to go back to revise more frequently. I needed a new keyboard that would allow more space for my mouse, as I play on a low dpi, and was looking at TKL models from various companies. Originally I was planning on the G Pro from Logitech to go with my G Pro Wireless, but then I realized they had Romero switches. I tested them out and found them alright, but lack of customization and after market key caps was a turn-off for me. The new Apex Pro TKL came out with their Omnipotent switches, which are linear switches that you could change the actuation point of to fit your preference.

Again, I am not a fan of linear, so this disappointed me as the rest of the keyboard caught my attention. Luckily, with the Apex 7 they allow you to choose your switches out of the 3 options they provide. I decided the browns as I wanted something fast but with some feedback. When it arrived 2 days later, I was impressed with the size and beauty of it. The nicest keyboard I owned so far. The switches feel pleasant, and there are a few features you won’t find on a some other TKL keyboards like the OLED display (mostly a gimmick but cool nonetheless), USB pass-through, cable routing, and dial. The magnetic wrist rest isn’t plush, more like a flat rubber surface to prop up your hand. That isn’t to say it’s not comfortable or soft, but it is a pain to clean as it is a dust magnet.

The key caps feel cheap and are my main gripe for a premium keyboard, however I Luckily had higher quality shine-through key caps from previously. Overall, I am satisfied with the keyboard and would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing.

Review by Mazin Recine
  • Hybrid mechanical gaming switches
  • OLED smart display
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame
  • Dynamic per-key RGB illumination
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