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Fruit Feeder For Birds

Fruit Feeder For Birds
Fruit Feeder For Birds

Kettle Moraine Super Oriole Recycled Orange Fruit, Jelly, Mealworm Bird Feeder w/Orange Roof

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Fruit Feeder For Birds is very nice product. I bought this for my mother for Christmas and she put it out in March. We don’t get a lot of Orioles, at our place in Idaho, however last year we got one who kept trying to drink out of our hummingbird feeders. So I thought she could maybe succeed with this feeder in attracting more Orioles.

I was about to say this things a bust when about a week ago, late May, an oriole flew by and checked it out. Now several times a day we get at least one male/female oriole pair stopping by to eat. We fill one bowl with hummingbird food, the other bowl with jelly topped with dried mealworms, and oranges on the fruit things. Overwhelmingly they eat the jelly/mealworm combo. By the way, we just use jelly we have here so it’s eaten chokecherry jelly and some other random ones.

It doesn’t seem to care about the flavor. We have a ton of other varieties of birds around too so I’ve seen magpies and wood house scrub jays eating from the feeder too. In terms of durability this feeder is top notch. It is extremely sturdy and has held up wonderfully in 40+ mph wind with minimal swinging. The bowls are nice and hefty too. I initially thought this was overpriced but after everything considered I think it’s a fair price and well worth it to have the Orioles!!

Promised Review by Navi
  • Bright Orange Recycled Plastic Base with Galvanized Steel Roof
  • 2- Removable Glass Jars. 2- Aluminum Fruit Stakes
  • Holds 2 Orange halves, jars can be filled with Jelly or Mealworms
  • Roof has a 14″ diameter. Base approx 12″ diameter.
  • Made in the USA- Minor Assembly Required