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Frozen Bed Set

$10.57 $14.99
Frozen Bed Set
Frozen Bed Set
$10.57 $14.99

Disney Frozen Pop Adventures Elsa's Bedroom Pop-Up Playset with Handle

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Frozen Bed Set is a good product. Such an adorable little playset!! ALMOST like Polly pocket!😁 Very reasonable price for the size!

Perfect set for young travelers or decoration on your night desk! That’s what I’m using it for!

You cannot fit it in your pocket and the key isn’t really needed (you simply just push the keyhole button and it opens), but the pop-up details are made in soft rubber material so it won’t break or anything when you open and close the set!

Thumbs up for that! And the accessories are cute and the Elsa figure is adorable! She can even sit!

She’s not a tiny Polly pocket figure, but she’s definitely smaller than the bigger Polly mini dolls! Really cute! I’m sure this new collector line of Frozen toys will be a great hit! Highly recommend this beautiful little playset for any Frozen fan! πŸ™‚

Promised Review by Msberann
  • Unlock a world inside
  • Squishy material
  • Elsa small doll
  • Bedroom accessories
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