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Front And Rear Dash Cam

Front And Rear Dash Cam
Front And Rear Dash Cam

Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam 4K+1080P Front and Rear Car Camera 3840x2160P 8MP CMOS, WiFi, GPS, Night Vision, 2.4" IPS, 170° Wide Angle, Parking Mode, WDR, Time Lapse, G-Sensor for Cars, Truck

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This is one of the very very few true Front And Rear Dash Cam out right now. With that said don’t expect blu-ray or online streaming 4k quality. You will be sorely disappointed.

This camera uses H265 and H264 codecs. Both codecs record in a different way. I won’t get into the difference, you can pick which one you like the best when testing the camera. I think between the bitrate and compression makes the 4k suffer to some extent. In all fairness though trying to get razor sharp 4k quality would chew up space at a incredible rate. Bottom line the 4k is good enough to capture license plate numbers, street signs both large and small and various other things. It seems to get significantly better when you switch down to 1080. I think 4k is really pushing the limits on this camera.

For myself I leave it on 4k mode. Is the quality better than other cameras sold on amazon that offer just 1080, without a doubt. This camera is far better in 4k mode than any other camera that offers less.

The night time mode is excellent I will have to admit. In the city with lots of street lights and business lights. Things will look fantastic. If you are on a dark highway, anything that is lit up by your headlights will be properly illuminated on the recording and actually stuff that is not lit by the headlights does fairly well as well.

For a dash cam the low light capability on the camera is pretty good all things considered. In the event of a accident you will have no problem seeing things on the recording.

This camera does handle sun glare and direct sunlight pretty darn good actually. I was very impressed to be quite honest.

The rear camera is just that a rear camera. It works fine and basically mimics the quality of what is up front except it cannot do 4k just 1080.

The camera is true to the features that it has listed. I do wish though a firmware update would add bitrate control on the video. I did email them about this but it kind of fell on deaf ears.

All in all a solid dash cam. That for right now sits above many dash cams that are being offered right now.

Last thing you need to be careful what video player you try to play this back on. Try different players see which one you like the best as far as output goes.

Promised Review By Ross
  • Genuine 4K+1080P Dual-Channel Recording
  • Premium Processor + Image Sensor
  • Upgraded Super Night Vision
  • H.265-High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
  • Accident Auto-Detection
  • Built-in GPS
  • Parking Mode & 24-Hour Motion Detection
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