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French Fry Holder For Car

French Fry Holder For Car
French Fry Holder For Car

French Fry Holder for Car, Funny Novelty White Elephant Gift or Stocking Stuffer for Men and Women

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French Fry Holder For Car is very nice product. I think it’s good for some cars but not all I have a Honda Civic and this didn’t really fit in the cup holder because mine are to deep.

I can still put it in my cup holder and keep it there I don’t think it’ll move but I’d say just don’t expect it to touch the bottom of your cup holder.

Also it doesn’t fit all fries but it fits some so it’s pretty good I guess. I think it’s still pretty convenient if your someone who likes to eat in the car.

Promised Review by Brianna
  • Keep hands free and enjoy French Fry with ketchup in car without making any mess.
  • The French Fry tray fits into standard automotive cup holders.
  • Made of high-quality plastic, safe to use and easy to clean.
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