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Freeze Dried Gummy Bears

Freeze Dried Gummy Bears
Freeze Dried Gummy Bears

Freeze Dried Yummers Taffy (Original)

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Freeze Dried Gummy Bears is very nice product. I wanted to try freeze dried candies and these did not disappoint. I ordered watermelon and the variety flavored.

They are both good but watermelon was definitely my favorite.

The flavor of the watermelon is perfect. I know I’m paying for the novelty of the item and for the amount of candy in each bag I feel it was a good value for the money I spent.

I’ll be buying more freeze dried candy’s in the future.

Promised Review by jesbud
  • Innovative, mouth-watering, it’s like Yum
  • Not chewy and won’t get stuck in your teeth
  • Concentrated, delicious, intense flavor
  • A light, puffy, twist on regular taffy

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